Kicked out of Facebook just to list my balls on the marketplace!

If you get kicked out of Facebook, you became no one. You can´t contact your friends, you can´t access your messages and information on Facebook, you can´t even access Tinder!


Here the sad story of how my balls got in the marketplace on Facebook: I thought that my testicles would be worth more than what I´ve got at the end…

Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 08.57.25

I first got a notification from Facebook saying that my picture ¨goes against our community standards¨. My first thought was that I was kicked out because of the pictures of Cyclonudista.

Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 08.58.02

I was listing on the Facebook marketplace something I had at home, I was taking a lot of pictures, and at that moment I got a notification from Facebook.

Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 08.57.22

I was not sure about what was going on, I started to get restricted in sending attachments on Facebook

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 22.52.44

Buyers from the marketplace started to write me strange messages, which I could not fully understand


But I did understand that the first line of the previous message meant: ¨is this available¨


And then a picture with the inner part of my leg and a big smiley.
This was enough to understand that my genitals were for sale!


And then I started to get worried, the most shocking thing was that the guy CALLED MY PENIS ¨SMALL PENIS¨, which is totally untrue and I could even sue him for this!


I start actually to be more business oriented and think about the eventual sale of one of my testicles, well, I have two!

*As you can see at the end of the previus message, I have even written to this buyer a really personal message by mistake: I WAS STRESSED OUT!


My entrepreneurship ends when this guy (below) tells me that my balls are not worth the price


So I decide to have a deeper look at the ad


It´s official! my love organs are for sale!
I write to Facebook explaining that it was an error

Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 08.54.54

But they just block me and I am not even able to take my genitals off the market

Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 08.55.12

Hence, the most beloved part of my body is now for sale on Facebook and the system has blocked me from even taking it out.
I have made the selling ad in the Marketplace and added it to ten different buy/sell groups, so my genitals are there, for everyone to see, and to buy.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 19.33.21


Did you find this story funny?
Well, it could be entertaining, but also worrying and annoying.
For a kinky Cyclonudista as me, it was not such a problem, cause the world has seen already all the sides of my body, dark sides included.

But think a moment about the consequences of such a situation for someone more introverted?


It looks like there is an automated system to review reports, I have sent many reports about this issue and I am sure that there has never been a (smart)human reading it.

Or maybe there is a fascist doing the customer support. Previously, I´ve reported hate speech such as “kill them all” referred to a picture with African refugees, Facebook answered that it is not against the Facebook guidelines.


Even though I do have to admit that Facebook has been going in a really constructive direction for society, as the platform supports many social causes and human rights, still there is room for improvement.
Remember, if you are out of Facebook, you are out of the world.

CycloNudista 2017 Helsinki – Get rid of the accessories!

The most extravagant Many-FIEST-Action of the year! – For the fourth time in Suomi!

Do you know that oil kills more than wars, traffic accidents and murders all together?
For me this is already enough to dissent against it.

JOIN US To protest against INDECENT exposure to cars and pollution! Celebrating Cycling, Nature, Human body, simplicity and freedom of being.

The concept is simple: we do once a year a bicycle tour around the city, to get the city back from big motorized vehicles, shout against pollution, cars and hypocritical prudery.

12 June – 16.00
Varsapuistikko (next to Kaisaniemipuisto – Kaisaniemi park)



– To manifest against car culture & Pollution;

– Promoting Bicycle, nature & simplicity;

The reason YOU do it may be infinite:
You love bicycles,
you love your city,
you want noiseless means of transport,
you don’t want big and fast vehicles in the city,
you don’t like the oil industry,
you want to sensibilize drivers to mind the bikes

…and because you may be an exhibitionst!




Varsapuistikko – next to Kaisaniemipuisto – Kaisaniemi park, close to the main train station.

16.00 – MEETING
We meet in the park.
come on time, or anyway before 18:00 (if you are working) because we can share some time together.
We can bodypaint each other and decide which is the specific message one person wants to share.
I will bring a big amount of snacks, it will be for sure enough for the first ten persons, you are welcome to bring something if you wish.

Tour map:


21.00 – SAUNA & GRILL
We celebrate the celebration in the sauna, warm & cosy!
Sompasauna (a free public sauna by the sea).
In the sauna we will have time to share our thoughts and feelings about the ride, what it meant for each of us.
There is also a grill there, if you have some vegetables you wanna grill, feel welcome to bring it.




– Yourself,
– Bicycle, another green mean of transport or good legs to run!

– A smile on your face,
– Any decoration that you find appropriate,
– Body painting material,
– Music instruments to play,
– A camera to record some pictures/videos,
– Drinks and food (for picnic and/or grill) to share if you wish,
– Blanket for picnic,
– Towels (for sauna).

Of course you are free to join/leave whenever you want and nudism is not mandatory.


On June 12th 2004 cyclists in 29 cities across the world took to the streets of the world, mostly wearing nothing more than a cheeky smile.

It was not only a huge success, but also a huge surprise, neither the media or the police actually thought that it would happen.

This was the worlds first international naked bike ride. Since then it has spread
to more than 70 cities around the world with thousands of participants.



Well, the first thing to know is that it does not have any leaders, hierarchies or even any bureaucracy. It is an event that belongs entirely to its participants. You are not only invited to participate in this event, but also to take ownership of it.



Facebook Event

CouchSurfing Event
Google+ Event

International Events


Cyclonudista Helsinki 2016 WNBR Finland 12 June – World Naked bike ride

Biking naked in the city


CycloNudista is coming soon!

Get rid of your materialistic possessions and jump on a bicycle with us!

Last event was spectacular, I remember a beautiful situation that made me so proud of being a CycloNudista: a big luxurious car—that may have costed as much as a house—stopped next to us and the driver, astonished, started to take pictures of us. I didn’t feel honored of course, but I felt the power of the simplicity. This to remember that our body is more shining than a supercar.

See you again; Sunday 12 June at 16:00

As human we love to own things, we challenge each other to whom is owning the most and we pass ownership to our offspring. With this system of accumulating and restrict resources into casts we have often huge social and wealth differences. I think this causes the main problems of our society.
Bicycles are equalizing us in a certain way. Being naked too.



Being on a bicycle make us more humble and down to earth, a bit more like animals…

The main points of CycloNudista are of course to Protest against the oil and car culture, celebrating bicycles.
While cycling naked I was thinking about how Animals also have some ‘property’ rules,which we ignore, but they are actually much more fair, sustainable and efficient than ours. For example, we kill or arm bears, or other ‘dangerous’ animals in forests, just because we don’t understand about their territories rules.
One of the simplest, and smartest at the same time, system for animals to define territory and ownership is urine, it seems something of little importance, but actually is a really smart practice.
You urinate just when you are alive, that means that from the moment you die, you have automatically no possession.

I don’t suggest you to pee on your belongings, this was just an inner thought I had making a parallel between human and animal systems. This was just a parallel between humans and animals.



Cycling, is not just nice because you are in contact with nature, get healthier and more spiritual, but also helps us appreciate simple things and the fact that we are independent.

We don’t pretend to save the world by having a naked ride around the city, but we do pretend to send a worldwide message asking more bikes and less cars.

CycloNudista is a way to get back on our roots, to be a bit more natural, at least for a day 😉









and many more cities…


CycloNudista main page:

Cyclonudista 2015, Soon again on 12 June

Cyclonudista Helsinki 12 june
Cyclonudista Helsinki 12 june

I am already starting to promote the new Cyclonudista event, even if I will not be there that time.

I am sure that the Manifiesta will be great!


Naked we are equal, or almost.

World naked bike ride official site

Facebook Event – Cyclonudista Helsinki

On Ilta-sanomat (a finnish newspaper) they are quite criticizing the ride:

After they interviewed me I still have something to say,  maybe even more important than what I said in the interview (cause during an interview you don’t always have much time to think about what to say).


This event has two big messages (at least for me):


1) PROMOTING CYCLING  (and similar transportation means):


A bicycle is:





Social (you have the chance  to communicate with people next to you if you cycle)



Mark of independency Makes the cycler feeling satisfacted of himself being able to move with “his legs”,

Challenging you to repair it yourself feeling even more proud of yourself,

Natural (keeps you in contact with the earth),


Panoramic: it makes you admire the view you have around,


Sincere and transparent (cause you can’t hide yourself),

Easily movable/carriable,


Makes you look younger (study from Stanford University),

Increase your brain power (Research of Illinois University),

Sportive (Low-impact type of exercise),

Easy to park,

Making  you feel traveling (you see where you are, and discover slowly places),

Making you Breathing good air (when you are between the trees),

Setting you on a higher point of view than in a car,

Flexible to stop where you want,

Making you go wherever you want,

Allowing you to listen audio-books or music during the trip = learning,

… Even more reasons here:



While big motorized vehicle (such as cars) are:

arrogantly invading the city,

making  pedestrians and cyclers wait long time at the traffic light breathing gasoline,

Covering the beauty of architecture and landscape,

under the capitalist monopoly of politics and economy,

Making social discrimination,



Expensive (to drive and to maintain)




Support the oil industry,

Slow, (cars go in average 14 km/h in the cities),

Make traffic congestion,


Anti-social (cause you lock yourself in the car, you are kind of alienated),

Hard to park (there is often no space to park),

And counting:



Simplicity (you no need much to feel good),

Love for your body = love for yourself = love for humans

Freedom to show yourself,

Freedom to not have anything with you,

Refusing all accessories that this society continuously propose us,

Showing how delicate you are,

Naked you are equal to anybody else,

You are not hiding behind masks,

and more:


In this article it looks like that the police come to stop us or to argue. Is not true, actually I notified in advance to the police that we were about to do this protest and they were there to block the traffic and give us the right of manifesting.

Kids have no problems with nudity, adults are the ones that teach them (wrongly) that nudity is a bad thing, kids grow up with this uncomfort for their body cause adults continuously told them that they have to cover them self all the time.

Is not in my intention to offend or irritate people by being naked, I am not asking (directly) that we should all go around naked, but I ask to be listened, I would like that people realize that simple naturalistic nudity (which appears as a bad thing) is not harming anyone, while pollution, over-consuming and waste is destroying us, we can’t eat from trees cause they are polluted, we can’t drink from rivers cause they are contaminated, we can’t breath in cities (and soon also outside cities) because air is full of  particulates.

We no need to be scientists to understand this, just take a deep breath in middle of the traffic jam and see how you feel.

Facebook Group – Cyclonudista Helsinki