Bike Touring & Theater Activist


Cyclo Travel Actor

Lifelong minimalistic, Essentialist, Bicycle trip: from the World’s streets

Cycling & Documenting Street Performances, Social, Nature, Theater & Art


This is the story of a life-long bicycle journey, practically from the North to the South Pole, crossing the planet.

After quitting my career as Ctp. Engine Officer on Ships, my life is now about Playing Theater and short movies as Actor, Filming street art performances, volunteering for Social/Animal Rights Activism, Environmentalism, and of course, Cycling the World, round and around!

 Practicalism and Naturalism

All I have for the trip is a 30L Backpack, a cheap bicycle — found in the trash — and tons of curiosity!
Ah, I forgot, I also have three disk’s hernias that follow me all the time.

The challenge is to travel without many extra items, without any other means that the bicycle.

My budget is ultra-low. No sponsors. Just basic incomes from my activities on the way. I also teach you how you can do the same.
All this to demonstrate the power of the essential and simplicity, a minimalist nature-friendly lifestyle which is magnetizing me every day more.

Travel and Theater keep humans alive, Cycling makes you feel more manlike and reminds you to keep your feet on the ground…  otherwise…  you fall down!

I take you with me on my bicycle to reach the next destination and see what is happening in the street.

Traveling, Theater, Cycling, and Nature are the four cardinal directions, the compass rose is me, and I am not always accurate in pointing the true north.

So, remember the magic words:

Bike = Be social, respect the environment, and enjoy simplicity!
Travel = Open yourself, become spiritual, understand.
Theater = communication, exchange, connect!


“The poor is not the one who as little, the poor is the one that desires much more than what he needs.”

“The world will be better not when all the poor will have a car, but when all rich people will go on a bicycle.”

13 thoughts on “Bike Touring & Theater Activist

  1. Luca, what a life you have ! Beautiful pictures, fantastic landscapes , adventures you will never forget, impressions that will all be recorded in your head …and we can share them with you .
    You are an amazing person and you will always be doing amazing things !!!
    Love your site … can’t wait till you are home to tell me all in person !!! Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caro Lucone, I am really glad that you have found your way, and I wish you passion and inspiration for your journey om it. Enjoy it!
    The pictures from Estonia are very nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Non so se sia meglio che tu conosca il mondo o che il mondo conosca te…..forse entrambi….amico da 20 anni…amico per sempre….


  4. Grazie, thank you for the nice comments.

    The more I go the more I understand that I have to go.
    In the world there are too many things going on that need us to scale down our ego and share more.
    In many countries there is still poverty to fight and we are failing at it.
    I am happy I can have such a simple lifestyle, if anyone gets inspired, I hope is for good, to help the ones in need and give.


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