Legal aid in Europe – How to make a complaint and claim your rights in EU.

Are you living or traveling in the European Union?
There are a number of rights that you have which you may not be aware of, I make here a short list of some of these rights and I tell you which are the steps you should make in case of legal issues.


It’s your right to film Police

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In the most European countries you have the right to film Police in public, also in the USA it’s allowed.

There are several organization to get informations about your rights for filming Police:

While filming is mostly allowed, once you publish a video, you may want to blur the faces of the policemen.
You should also be aware that if Police is in operation better you keep some distance and discretion while filming, otherwise they may annoy you.


How to claim your rights as a human—or a citizen, traveler of tourist—and make a complaint, “press charges”, “make a report”, to institutions and what to do to escalate it to higher hierarchy levels

Whom to contact

– Higher ranks of the same institution you are complaining about (head offices, etc…)

– Ombudsman of the institution

– General Attorney (if is about Police)

– Regional ombudsman

– National ombudsman

– Traveler rights associations (if it is about travelers)

– Human rights associations (if it is about human rights)

European ombudsman or Online dispute resolution (for online goods/services)

European commission – SolveIT

European Parliament

European President
(for extremely serious matters)

In parallel of this, you could contact a local lawyer (via for example) or the local court if applicable.

FireWorks Atomium - Brussels

INFORMATIONS provides useful and updated information about your rights in the EU. offers services and data about visas



Feantsa, European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless



– Call your Consulate

– Emergency Support Aid International Human Rights line +353 1 21 00 489

Amnesty International +44-20-74135500



Don’t forget that you can always ask for help through any of these online communities:

And, why not, Facebook.

Do you have any information that I missed in this list? Please comment!

2 thoughts on “Legal aid in Europe – How to make a complaint and claim your rights in EU.

  1. Your storys are often,..always, sö ‘negative’,..controversial based.
    It is so easy complaining about things,..
    sö many do.
    Those who take the time,..
    put in the work to MAKE change,..
    they are the real ones.


    1. Thanks for the comment Gallagher,

      I am happy to know that you have read this post, I am also happy to get some feedback.

      It’s just surprising to me that you see much negativity in this post, I didn’t meant it to be negative, actually it’s the opposite, I want it to be a positive little article about how to fix issues and how to know your rights.
      Maybe the title triggers some negative feelings?

      Of course many of my other posts are about homelessness, which is one of my main interests, among with bicycles. Homelessness it’s indeed not a positive thing, but I do write a lot of critics to society to sensibilize people, to make them act and to create a positive action from a negative situation. Therefore my aim and direction is to activate positiveness. Nevertheless I understand that it can be interpreted also as a ‘all negative thing’. Maybe it’s also because I am not a great writer.

      But I will improve and inject more positiveness, promise! Also about sad topics!


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