Cycling from Ukraine to Georgia – REVIEWING KOMOOT

It’s time for me to cycle from Ukraine to Georgia.

I am on my way to Georgia, I am leaving Europe to get to Asia, on my way, for the first time I will be cycling on mountains, this will challenge my tour.
I am first heading south from Kiev, I will avoid Crimea and the war zone because I already have enough troubles on my way without armed conflicts going on.

I will reach Odessa and there take a boat to Batumi, in Georgia.

From Batumi I will cycle to Tbilisi, the capital. Which is near Azerbaijan.

I am quite excited because I am going south so the weather should be good!
Great things I have heard about Georgia, expecially the fact that Georgians are quite hospitable and make good food. Let’s hope they have some vegan stuff for me, let’s also hope that they will offer to me while I cycle, as I have heard cyclists saying.


This time I have also an helmet and a 280 degrees camera.

I have just discovered an app with maps for bike touring, hiking, running and outdoors. It’s called Komoot.

After long online researches it seems that the this software it’s the best for people traveling to by bike.

It tracks your route and you can also share it, so I will share it here, in the end of this post.

What make this app more useful than others is that you get cycling directions for any country in the world, you can download offline (you have to pay) the maps. Once you planned the tour, you can save it and see how the way will be, the elevation, which kind of street you will be on (asphalt, path, paved…). It tells you also how to many kilometers will be uphill or downhill.
You get even informations about how fit you should be to do a certain route and you can set your own fitness level.

From Kiev to the black sea

From Batumi to Tblisi



Ps. There is a misspelling somewhere in this page, if you find it, you win!


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