Want to avoid online fraud? Move to Finland

Finland & Belgium safest places where to buy online
but still I got a big fraud myself from finnish website tori.fi

Cyclonudista 2015, Soon again on 12 June

Cyclonudista Helsinki 12 june
Cyclonudista Helsinki 12 june

I am already starting to promote the new Cyclonudista event, even if I will not be there that time.

I am sure that the Manifiesta will be great!


Naked we are equal, or almost.

World naked bike ride official site

Facebook Event – Cyclonudista Helsinki

On Ilta-sanomat (a finnish newspaper) they are quite criticizing the ride:


After they interviewed me I still have something to say,  maybe even more important than what I said in the interview (cause during an interview you don’t always have much time to think about what to say).


This event has two big messages (at least for me):


1) PROMOTING CYCLING  (and similar transportation means):


A bicycle is:





Social (you have the chance  to communicate with people next to you if you cycle)



Mark of independency Makes the cycler feeling satisfacted of himself being able to move with “his legs”,

Challenging you to repair it yourself feeling even more proud of yourself,

Natural (keeps you in contact with the earth),


Panoramic: it makes you admire the view you have around,


Sincere and transparent (cause you can’t hide yourself),

Easily movable/carriable,


Makes you look younger (study from Stanford University),

Increase your brain power (Research of Illinois University),

Sportive (Low-impact type of exercise),

Easy to park,

Making  you feel traveling (you see where you are, and discover slowly places),

Making you Breathing good air (when you are between the trees),

Setting you on a higher point of view than in a car,

Flexible to stop where you want,

Making you go wherever you want,

Allowing you to listen audio-books or music during the trip = learning,

… Even more reasons here:




While big motorized vehicle (such as cars) are:

arrogantly invading the city,

making  pedestrians and cyclers wait long time at the traffic light breathing gasoline,

Covering the beauty of architecture and landscape,

under the capitalist monopoly of politics and economy,

Making social discrimination,



Expensive (to drive and to maintain)




Support the oil industry,

Slow, (cars go in average 14 km/h in the cities),

Make traffic congestion,


Anti-social (cause you lock yourself in the car, you are kind of alienated),

Hard to park (there is often no space to park),

And counting:




Simplicity (you no need much to feel good),

Love for your body = love for yourself = love for humans

Freedom to show yourself,

Freedom to not have anything with you,

Refusing all accessories that this society continuously propose us,

Showing how delicate you are,

Naked you are equal to anybody else,

You are not hiding behind masks,

and more:



In this article it looks like that the police come to stop us or to argue. Is not true, actually I notified in advance to the police that we were about to do this protest and they were there to block the traffic and give us the right of manifesting.

Kids have no problems with nudity, adults are the ones that teach them (wrongly) that nudity is a bad thing, kids grow up with this uncomfort for their body cause adults continuously told them that they have to cover them self all the time.

Is not in my intention to offend or irritate people by being naked, I am not asking (directly) that we should all go around naked, but I ask to be listened, I would like that people realize that simple naturalistic nudity (which appears as a bad thing) is not harming anyone, while pollution, over-consuming and waste is destroying us, we can’t eat from trees cause they are polluted, we can’t drink from rivers cause they are contaminated, we can’t breath in cities (and soon also outside cities) because air is full of  particulates.

We no need to be scientists to understand this, just take a deep breath in middle of the traffic jam and see how you feel.

Facebook Group – Cyclonudista Helsinki

The traveller

Traveling with bicycle theater - Keskväljak (Estonia)

The traveller is in some ways weak, he has no ability to joining political life of the visited country, sometimes he has to accept rules and even misbehaviors just because he is the “new” in the country.
But a big duty of the traveller is to inform, to see and report, to use his eyes as security cameras, that will trigger any time some improper happening is seen.

If you love someone…

Vegan sign on a wall in Tallin
Part of a wall in an ex industra area – Tallinn (Estonia)


Your father hits you because he loves you.

An animal lover keeps birds in cage because he loves animals.

Lover of dogs keeps them at home because he loves them.

The boyfriend kills the girlfriend cause he loves her.

A bullfighter kills the bull cause he loves bulls.

Armies kill millions of people in name of love for their own people.

I say to myself: If love kills so much, I prefer to hate.

If you love something or someone, you let it be as it is. You love his freedom.

Finnish national newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes about my lifestyle

On the beach in Helsinki during the summer
On the beach in Helsinki during the summer

In this article they talk about my sleeping place (the forest), the article is quite spiced up and on the pictures I look like a refugee.


Want to know the “interpreted” things that I said? :

There it looks like the only reason why I sleep in the forest is because I don’t want (or can’t) pay a rent in Helsinki, which is not the reason, but of course one more benefit of sleeping in the forest.
Is not the high cost of housing that driven me to sleep in the forest, I do it cause I love the nature, and trees.
Also I didn’t say the forest is my house, I said my house is where I am.

When I said: “People do not believe me when I tell that I sleep outdoors. They provide immediate assistance and

​ offer to host me.” I also continued by saying that
​”​not always I accept their offer to host me, because I like to be between trees
​ and as close as possible with the earth​” – text which was cutted off in the article.


Of course the fact stays that in Finland (for sure in the center of Helsinki) prices for housing are quite high and people that can’t afford a place have big problems during the winter.

I wanted to comment on the website but they quite censured me, my comment never showed up.

I aslo contacted them afterwards but I received no answer.

conclusion: never trust the mass media, get your information by yourself.

Who is a pessimist? Food wasted by supermarkets


A pessimist is an bad informed optimist.

For a pessimist this is trash, for me is food.


Supermarkets trash about the half of what they sell, they could sell it last minute for much lower prices or give it to charity organizations and get some governmental benefit, but nobody cares.



We should do something against this.

There is not such a right to trash, to make food, and things, there have been used resources, work, energy with the relative pollution.

Nobody has the right to indiscriminately waste stuff.


Froodly is great answer to food waste.

When they know you are a traveler…

On the boat to Tallin
Moving from Helsinki to Tallin

When people knows that you are a traveler, when someone knows that you are going far and they will not see you anymore (or for a long while), they become all exceptionally friendly and kind, helping and supporting you.

It’s like you are a different person if you are traveling, they believe you are good even if they don’t know you…

If you would not have been a traveler all this kindness would not happen.